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Zenith Gold International Limited

Zenith Gold International Limited (ZGI) is a one of the key investor in Canadian-based mid-tier gold producer that owns and operates the Mulatos Mine in Mexico, one of the lowest cost gold mines in the world. Zenith Gold International Limited (ZGI) now has venture with core focus as a gold bullion and gold coins producer via smart partnership with other related service provider to promote the wealth protection through system transformation (Gold Vending Machine) and its delivery in Europe, Middle East and the Asian region and is committed to the highest standards of sustainable development. As part of group in growing low-cost production, a leader in financial and investment performance, and a leader in delivering shareholder value. Zenith Gold International Limited (ZGI) has consistently achieved these key objectives throughout its group experience history.

Our Management Team

Zenith Group has assembled a management team along with a board of Directors with extensive experiences in the fields of exploration, finance, development, mining & marketing. Proven track record of success in grassroots discovery, in acquiring and developing undervalued assets and in building corporation.

  1. Attn: Mr.Lenny Bruce (Operations Director), [email protected]
  2. Attn: Stella Ritter (Investor Relation Director), [email protected]
  3. Affiliate Controller, [email protected]

Industry Leading Low Cost

Established track record of industry low cost gold production enabling among the highest operating margins in the industry.
Low cost production offers best protection from volatile gold price environment.

Leading Growth Profile

Production expected to more than double from current levels.
Fully funded, low capital intensity, low cost and low technical risk.

Safe Political Jurisdictions

We operate in safe, stable political jurisdictions where we are comfortable building and operating network business.

Strong Management Team

Track record of operational and financial excellence.
Track record of delivering shareholder value.